A Change of Heart for Lobster Ravioli

As I was heading home from work today, I caught up on some phone calls for the day and popped into Publix to pick up some things for dinner. I was a bit short on food and was really starting to get a bit creative for meals. I had been looking for some food-spiration at the end of work and decided that I wanted to try and make a chick pea patty sandwich. Sounds awesome right?!

Well, I ended up walking out with 75 bucks in groceries, 5 different types of bread (I needed some bread and went a little nuts…whoops), a whole bunch of BoGos and Lobster Ravioli. Whelp, needless to say, I got home and realized I was missing the main ingredient…chick peas. I wasn’t really all that upset because this lobster ravioli was REALLY looking good to me.



I don’t remember the last time that I had lobster ravioli but it really only brings about an instant mouth watering. Done deal. As the water was boiling, I was trying to figure out what you put on top of lobster ravioli. Most of the time it’s a cream sauce of some sort, or even something fairly simple. You want the lobster to be the main event. I debated just doing a simple butter and parmesan cheese, but settled on a simple garlic red sauce. Maybe not the BEST choice when it comes to matching a lobster sauce, but I was happy with it!



YUM YUM. My evening is really not going to turn into anything exciting. Criminal Minds is calling me, with some tea and I GUEEEESSSS I’ll map out my running route for tomorrow. On the books is a 9 mile jaunt through Winter Park. I’m getting nervous for this one because I can count on one hand the number of times that I have run 9 miles plus.

The first time that I ever ran 9 miles was in high school. I was training for field hockey and went out for a run aiming for about 5 miles. No, this was not another case of just getting lost and whoops running 13 miles. There are about 2 roads that you can drive down to get to and from town from my parents house. So I started my run and about 2 miles in, I was feeling great and decided to take a left and make it a bit longer. Around the 4 mile mark, still feeling fantastic I decided that I was going to loop around and take the second road back to the house. I was about 2 miles out from my house and slowed from a jog to a wimpering walk. The heat and the sun was REALLY starting to get to me and my legs felt like they were just trying to make this the most miserable moment of my life ensuring I would never put them through this pain ever again. YEA RIGHT. Well, just to make it better, my dad was driving past and slowed to a stop. He laughed and drove home. YUP. When I told my coach at school, he laughed and said why would you do that?? You never run 9 miles in field hockey. AWESOME.

Oh well. 9 miles tomorrow morning for the 3rd time ever. The number is just scary.


What’s your favorite sauce for Lobster Ravioli?? Is it simple or do you go nuts with flavor??



2 thoughts on “A Change of Heart for Lobster Ravioli

  1. Lauren

    was lobster ravioli good from a package? i always get it out to dinner, and it would be hard to make from scratch

    1. Sizzle Food Post author

      Yea it was really good! I’m not ready to tackle pasta from scratch yet, but you really could taste the lobster in it. I would say that some restaurants have better ones simply because they can be fresher. These were never frozen though.


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