Margaritaville and Blue Man Group on City Walk

This weekend Brent’s parents came to town for his father’s birthday. In celebration, we headed to Margaritaville and Blue Man Group. Both of them are located at Universal Studios City Walk. SO MUCH FUN.

City Walk is really just the area that connects the two Universal Theme Parks. There are tons and tons of restaurants, dance clubs, and little things to do. The collection of restaurants in City Walk is really impressive. I am DYING to give Emeril’s a try, just to see if my Chocolate Pie measures up to his version of it…haha yea right. But he does have a restaurant here 🙂

Brent’s favorite, by far is Margaritaville. He is always telling me how growing up Jimmy Buffet was the music always playing in the background. It’s what he grew up on. And who doesn’t like Jimmy Buffet?! There’s always one song that everyone can enjoy. Mine…Cheeseburger in Paradise. FOR SURE!

So when Jimmy Buffet comes on the radio, I usually end up hearing some story about his childhood when that exact song was playing. BUT, there is one song that I can already tell you the story to because it is the same exact story every time. Volcano, by Jimmy Buffet. I had never actually heard this song before Brent, but I’ll tell you Cheeseburger in Paradise is still my fav.

When Volcano comes on, I always hear about Margaritaville and the Volcano. Every half hour they play this song and at the end of it, the volcano blows! We ended up sitting right next to the thing, and I was actually kind of excited to finally see what I had been hearing about for the past year and a half. What’s funny, is when the volcano blows, it actually fills up a large blender at the bottom, which is behind the bar. It is actually used in the Margaritas. WEIRD, and cool.

The infamous volcano.

Now as you can imagine, the drink of choice is a Margarita. I’m not such a huge fan so I went with a Banana Habana Smoothie deal. It was DELICIOUS. I loved it. The list of tropical drinks is actually quite extensive. (Sorry the pictures are a bit dark, but the mood was set for romance)



YUMMO. As far as a vegetarian option, there isn’t much. But then again, Jimmy Buffet doesn’t sing about salads or veggie sandwiches. Cheeseburger in Paradise! They have tons of them. I ended up grabbing a Veggie burger. It was packed with broccoli, corn, peppers and everything else. It was actually really good! Brent said he prefered his real beef. At least they have an option for us veggie lovers!



We finished up our cocktails and started to walk across the little pond they have separating the two parks. We are actually in the midst of Halloween Horror Nights at Universal, which is supposed to be seriously intense. Their slogan, “Once you’re in, there’s no way out!” Muahahahaha!

If you have seen the commercials for it, it’s usually a group of teenagers running from zombies and they narrowly make it through a gate to where they are finally safe to sip on their Coca Cola (some nice product placement here), BUT! there are zombies awaiting them on the other side too! I’ve heard fantastic things about it and really want to go, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to squeeze it in.

ANYWAYS, Blue Man Group! AMAZING! I have seen it 3 or 4 times (I can’t remember). I’ve been up in Boston and now Orlando. The shows are extremely similar but really just as good. Somehow, without talking or even making a gesture to talk they make it a funny show. It is really centered around the drums and the music but it will definitely have you laughing throughout the whole thing. What they are able to do with so many different types of materials is really impressive. If you haven’t been before, I strongly suggest it. You can check out this site, to find the one that is closest to you. If there isn’t one close to you, I suggest keeping it in mind when you travel. WORTH IT!

That was pretty much the highlight of my weekend, plus seeing Brent’s family of course! This morning I jumped up and went for a 7 mile run! WHOOT WHOOT! But more on that fun stuff later!


Have a GREAT Monday!

Do you have songs that remind you of specific events?? People?? Periods in your life?? What’s your most memorable song-event memory??

For me, there are almost too many to remember. The one that sticks out right now it Miley Cyrus, See You Again. My roommate and I in college would be standing in the bathroom getting ready for the night out, blasting this song with a hair straightener in one hand and a bottle of Andre in the other. It really got us excited for the night and put us in a great mood getting ready.



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