Daytona Air Show

Friday night, I got bored and had to find a way to entertain myself. Glass of wine in hand, I decided to do THIS, to Bacon. Poor Bacon.


No, those are not caterpillars, nor are they normally there. Yes, he has eyebrows! Hahahaha!

Hahahaha!! I couldn’t stop laughing! Every time I looked at his I just lost it! Brent just stared at his dog when he got off work. Then, “WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY DOG?!” Then, laughing hysterically.

On Saturday morning, I got up and met up with some friends to go to the Daytona Air Show sponsored by Embry Riddle, an aeronautics school in Daytona. I have never been to an air show before, and DANNNNG. Some of the stunts that these planes pull off are really quite unbelievable.

The first one that we saw was this massive 747 flying so close to us.

Crazy loud. Then some little stunt planes came out. They would fly STRAIGHT UP into the air, cut the engine and free fall then catch it before it crashed. IT WAS CRAZY. They would spin in circles, fly upside down, and I don’t even know what else. It was madness.

He’s flying diagonally and just stayed at that distance from the water for the length of the beach.

There was a guy that was standing on the beach with a camera that had one of those large zoom lenses attached to it. I asked him to snap a picture of us because it seemed like he knew what he was doing. He took the picture and we ended up talking about the cameras. The lens that he had was almost 4000 dollars. Say WHAT? He actually trusted me enough to put it on my camera and let me take a few pics with it….The thing was HEAVY. Seriously. I snapped a few pictures with it, but it was really difficult because the slightest shake made the planesgo completely out of the photo.

This guy had pictures that you could read the writing on the side of the planes…I need a lens like that 🙂

A few groups of planes doing some stunts came out after that. AND THOSE WERE REALLY NUTS. They were so close to each other that any little mistake would not end up well. They would fly right at each other and quickly duck away. NUTS.

Overall, it was really entertaining. You just sat in your beach chair, and hung out for the day, sunning yourself and watching the air show. I think they should have this all the time because it really gave you something to watch while chilling on the beach.

If you ever have the opportunity to go to an air show, I recommend it. They are spectacular.

I am off to work. Hope your Monday’s are fantastic!

Have you ever been to an air show?? What was your favorite show you have ever been to??

7 thoughts on “Daytona Air Show

    1. Sizzle Food Post author


      They really are impressive…It made me want to just ride along with one of the pilots justto see what it’s like inside those guys. My friends were saying that some of the planes getup 700 miles per hour. YIKES.

      1. epicureantease

        Yikes is right!! I’m surprised (but very thankful!) there aren’t more accidents with them flying upside down, low and so close to one another. They are definitly a talented group of piolts to be able to pull such amazing stunts!

      2. Sizzle Food Post author

        Absolutey! It takes a strong person to be able to get in those planes and pull off those stunts. It’s really surprising that there aren’t more accidents.

    1. Sizzle Food Post author

      It was sooo funny though! It made all of his expressions look even more exaggerated. I couldn’t look at him without laughing!


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