The Happiest Place on Earth

To kick off everyone’s Wednesday, the dreaded hump day, I’m bring the happiest place on earth to you 🙂 I’ve been wanting to post a little break down of the disney parks for people traveling here on vacation simply because there are so many of them and lot of the time you can’t really seem to get to them all. So choices unfortunately need to be made.

My first stop on a day of disney is Animal Kingdom, always. It is the first park to close at night so you really need to make sure that you get this in during the day. It is more of a relaxing park than the others and it is so cool. The three main attractions (I would say) is the Safari Ride, the Bird Show and Mt Everest.

On the Safari Ride you ride on a small truck, with no sides or barriers to the animals through a Safari. Imagine that. You end up getting unbelievably close to the animals. And wild animals a that. Lions, giraffes, antelope, rhinos, flamingos, ostrich and tons more. Every time you ride it, it’s something a bit different because you can’t really predict the animals’ behavior. Here are just a few pictures that I have snapped on that ride 🙂





Baby Elephant 🙂


How cool?! And just so I don’t spoil it…I won’t post anymore but there are TONS more. It’s about a 20 minute ride. If you look at the picture of Brent and I you can see how open the truck really is.


So fun! This is definitely the highlight, I think of Animal Kingdom. Around the safari ride, there is also the exploration forest where you can just walk around and check out some more animals, the majority behind think glass…but still really cool. My favorite is the Okapi. I didn’t even know this animal existed until I saw it here. It looks like a zebra horse mix, but they assure you it’s not…


OKay…terrible picture…but check him out.

Some other guys you might see on this walk:





And then you have Mt Everest! I LOVE this ride. The first time I rode it I nearly peed myself. It is actually scary. The last time I went on this we actually rode it twice in a row and didn’t tell the people that were waiting for us…I know…mean…but it’s that good.


Give it a go if you like roller coasters. It’s fantastic.

Lastly, on my list of favs is the Birds of Flight. This is a bird show that is actually very impressive. The birds are trained to respond to the host of the show and makes jokes, dances and talks to the host. It’s really an impressive show. They have birds that come out and grab money from audience members too…naughty birds.





You don’t really realize how pretty and majestic the bald eagle is until you see it up close. It is crazy.

So I’ll leave you with just the little photo tour of Animal Kingdom 🙂 It’s one of my favorite parks simply because you can get so close to the animals. They are really cool up close.




Have you ever been to the disney parks? Are you more of a Safari ride kind of person or a Mt Everest??


When it comes down to it, roller coasters are my calling. After I go on one, I spend the rest of the time searching for the next big thrill!




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    1. Sizzle Food Post author

      A trip to Epcot usually ends up terribly. I can’t go to Epcot without thinking about our trip there. Woof.


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