Trail Mix, the options are endless!

I am in love with trail mix. This is really my go to snack right now and I feel like it just gets pushed the wayside a lot of times. I was turned onto it when we had hiked Mount Washington and I can’t seem to stop eating it. It’s so filling and satisfying that you really don’t tend to over eat it.

Trail mix is really whatever you want to make it into. You can throw in the bottom of your cereal box with the leftover candy from last nights movie and you can end up creating something that is truly delicious.

I’m not going to lie, my favorite right now is the expected peanuts, raisins, almonds and M&Ms. There’s really nothing better.

But, there are a TON of different things that you can toss in there to add to the flavor. So here’s just a few that I came up with:

Raisins                                Almonds                                Sunflower Seeds

Dried Pineapple                 Dried Berries                          Dried Cherries

Dried Peaches                   Dried Apricots                        Banana Chips

Pretzels                              Walnuts                                  Peacans

Granola                             Chocolate Chips                     M&Ms

Crasins                             Corn Puff Cereal                      Popcorn

Cheerios                           Crushed Nilla Wafers              Cheese Its

There are sooo many different things that you can throw in, that you should just walk around your kitchen and throw some leftovers into a bag and see what happens. Who knows, could be delicious!

Let me know if there is anything else that you would add to the list!

Happy Eating!

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