Conquering Mt Washington

This past week, while in Boston, a few of our friends from Orlando came up for a few days to join us. They had NEVER been north of DC. And as many people know, that is not even close to the north. SImple things like a basement, or a tunnel were amazing to them. I think my favorite “OH MY GOD” moment was the first drive out of Boston down to the cape. If you aren’t form the area, you have no idea that at rush hour, they open up the breakdown lanes for travel. So you simply just drive onto the highway and you can keep on straight, just ignoring the merging lines painted right in front of you. I did just that, knowing that I would freak the out a bit. 🙂 I know. Not nice.

Needless to say, they freaked out. I loved it.

I took them on the freedom trail, which is a must do if you have never been to Boston. It is a really great way to see a lot of Boston in a short amount of time and to hear all about the history of the area. This is a picture of Paul Revere outside the Old North Church.

Went to a Red Sox Game, OBVIOUSLY. You can’t see Boston without experiencing Fenway. (Even if you aren’t a sox fan, it really is a must do).

Besides all the best tourist spots to go on Cape Cod and in Boston, I decided to take them one other place. MOUNT WASHINGTON. Now, if you don’t know, Mt Washington is the highest peak east of the Mississppi. Tuckerman’s Ravine, which is the trail we took, is a 4.2 mile hike and you climb over 4,000 feet in elevation during those 4 miles. It is also known for it’s terrible weather at the peak. The day before we climbed the mountain, it was 40 degrees with 51 mile an hour winds. It felt like 30.

When I told our friends that it would be cold at the top, it was hard for them to even process. They brought a thin sweatshirt each.  I gave them some heartier ones to wear at the top.

This is me and Brent at the half way mark. It is only 1.8 miles to the top of that guy. The climb was definitely a challenge, as you would expect. There were definitely looks of “I don’t think I’m going to make it” from several people. But we all made it!

There were 6 of us total, plus Bacon, who led us all the whole way.

After making the climb twice so far, I can definitely say that it is a challenge and a great way to push yourself. The feeling of accomplishment at the top is unmatched and when you look around at the view, it is absolutely breath taking. Every moment at the top of the mountain is worth the struggle get up it. (Until you realize you now have to walk back down!)

In all reality, if you ever get a chance to do this, I highly recommend it.

So congrats to Jeff and Christina, our florida pioneers, who came from one of the flattest states in the US, to conquering Mount Washington, the highest point on the east coast!

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