Fourth of July Pancakes

In excitement for the fourth of July, I jumped out of bed to make these festive flapjacks.  It really was quite simple.

Take any recipe that you have for pancakes, and whip them up. Divide the batter into 3 bowls. Dye one of them red with red food dye, and a second one blue.

It really does look strange, but some things to look out for when you are making these. By adding the food coloring, you are thinning out the batter, so the pancakes will be runnier and thiner than you would normally expect. I added a bit more batter to them to keep them more solid. You can do this at your discretion.

The blue pancake I had just put on the skillet, and you can see how thin the batter is.

And there you have it, red, white and blue pancakes! So simple but so festive looking that anyone would be excited to dive right in! Especially kids.

For a new topping, try maple syrup mixed in with some plain greek yogurt. It is a healthier option than straight maple syrup and will give you another take on pancakes.

Or try any other of your favorite yogurts on top of the pancakes. Another thing to throw in there, are blueberries and strawberries just to add to the fourth of July feel. Really, the options are endless!

For those red white and blue cupcakes, divide the batter in three and add the food coloring. You can then just add each color into each cupcake cup and top it with some festive berries or fun icing! I would love to hear about how you all changed this up for your fourth!

Happy Eating!

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