Chocolate Peanut Butter Parfait

Dear People, Try this. I was expecting this combo to be delicious, but nothing compared to what it turned out to be. This is by far my new go to for an easy, low calorie desert. Words can not describe what happy feelings this makes. I can definitely see this at a restaurant.

So here’s how it goes:


2 Tablespoons CHUNKY Peanut Butter                        1 Cup Whipped Topping, Low Fat

1 Package Non Fat, No Sugar, Instant Chocolate Fudge Pudding Miz

2 Cups and 2 Tablespoons Skim Milk


1. Mix Chunky peanut butter with Milk in a small bowl until peanut butter is evenly mixed in.

2. Mix 2 Cups of Skim Milk into pudding mix until smooth.

3. Layer pudding, then peanut butter mix, then pudding on top. Lastly, dollop a bit of the peanut butter for looks. If you would like to, add diced pieces of peanuts to the dollop as well.

Put the parfait in the refrigerator until serving time. I would recommend at least a little while to chill the whole thing.

This is the easiest thing in the world and will definitely satisfy a sweet tooth. Without having to feel guilty about it!

The whole thing only has about 130 calories. And it gets the job done. YOU WILL LOVE THIS RECIPE!

PS. Don’t skip on the chunk peanut butter. The peanuts really top off the taste of the whole parfait. If you don’t have the chunky peanut butter, just add a few peanuts to your smooth peanut butter.

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