Pesto, Tomato and Cheese Eggs

This morning I was looking for something that had a lot of flavor but that I could make quickly. So this is what was developed and let me tell you, it tasted like something that you would get at Sunday brunch and pay good money for.


1 Egg                                              1 Teaspoon Pesto

1/2 Slice of American Cheese           5 Cherry Tomatoes

1 Slice of Toast


1. Heat skillet on medium-high heat and cover with cooking spray. After heated, crack egg onto skillet without breaking yoke.


I use this little egg cooker because it makes containing the egg a bit easier and it fits perfectly on an english muffin! If you do use one, just make sure that when you are heating up the pan and when you spray the pan, the egg guide is sprayed and heated as well. Otherwise the egg will stick to the inside of it and just causes a mess.

2. After the egg has hardened on the bottom, lift the guide up and flip the egg.

3. Add 1/2 slice of cheese. Let it melt. Place egg on piece of toast. Top with pesto and cooked tomatoes.
Very Very Very Delicious! And it took no more than 5-10 minutes to make. Definitely give it a try for a twist on the traditional eggs and toast.

2 thoughts on “Pesto, Tomato and Cheese Eggs

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