Grains, Spices and Nuts

When you are going through the supermarket I know that many people just seem to go right past these handy little dispensers. But inside of these guys are not just extremely health nuts, grains and additives for your food, but ALSO a penny saver. You can find many of these items already packaged up on the shelves just adjacent to these products, but you will pay for them to be packaged. So the next time that you waltzing by these, just stop and take a look at what there is to offer because you may just save a few bucks.



Another great reason to take advantage of these dispensers is the obvious, you can allot the perfect amount for whatever you are cooking. You won’t have to pay for 8 ounces of something that you only need a tablespoon for. 


This especially goes for spices. At whole foods, you can find a well of dispensers for spices. When you spend 5 dollars on a spice that you only sprinkle over you food and then put in your cabinet for the next year, this would be a great alternative. Especially when you consider the fact that everyone is supposed to clean out their spice cabinet every year to keep them all fresh. YIKES!

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