Easy Supermarket Shopping

Usually when I go food shopping I have all these great ideas of what I want to make and I end walking around grabbing a whole bunch of nothing. Because when I get home I realize that I just spent 100 bucks and I don’t have a full meal in front of me. It’s really quite depressing.

A few things that have gotten me away from this is making sure that I know what I want and what I need before I show up. I’ve got the meals that I want to make that week in hand and then a list of the essentials that I need to refill (eggs, milk, etc). It sounds a bit tedious, especially for the chronically disorganized like me.

Here are just a couple of pointers to keep in mind when you are walking through the store making decisions. You want to make sure that you are staying to the outside of the store. This is where you find the proteins, the fruits, vegetables, millk and eggs. All of the big staples of a good diet. Of course, in the aisles, there are a few things that you are going to have to grab, but the majority of what makes it into the cart should always be from the outside of the store.

You should also stay away from the bakery. I know that sounds fairly obvious, but this is including the muffins, cookies and anything else you can justify in your head. Everything in there is either terrible or awful for you. Instead of indulging here, just make some cookies and throw them in a jar. The number of calories that you will save will be in the hundreds.

The frozen food secion is another that you might want to avoid. The frozen veggies and everything are great for a quick heat ’em up, but the prices that you will pay for prepaid meals are up there. You are better off making a little extras when you are cooking and throwing it in the freezer for a quick meal. Anything that they are freezing, you can freeze too.

Lastly, try to stay away from the snacks. I know it’s hard but the amount of sugar in that aisle can do you no good. When it comes to snacking, I am all about the sweet and the salty but portion size and balance is the key. There will be a lot more addressing snacking habits and the best ways to do so without just sticking to carrots and hummus.

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